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brewery arts centre, highgate, kendal, cumbria 
Charity No 1018527

Brewery Kids

Established over 40 years and we have the same passion and committment to create a warm, safe, inclusive, nurturing learning environment for your childs educational and freindships well-being.








When: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm. There is also an optional Lunch from 12 till 12.30pm every day.

We meet during term time, offering a wide and varied curriculum to the pre-school child and boasting a high adult to child ratio.

At the Brewery Pre-School we aim

  • To help each child to reach their maximum potential in all areas of development.
  • To provide learning experiences through planned play opportunities.
  • To provide security, challenge and stimulus with adult encouragement and support.
  • To ease the transition of young children from home to school.

All children are respected, valued as individuals, their potential recognised, valued and nurtured.

  • Opportunities will be offered to all children to learn through play.
  • Explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others.
  • Learn to share and play co-operatively.
  • Develop pre-reading skills through simple counting games, building blocks and pattern making, using maths to solve problems.
  • Practice being scientists using water and sand, food and other materials.
  • Build health, strength and co-ordination by physical activities, both indoor and outdoor, healthy eating plans and personal hygiene.
  • Develop self-confidence and independence.

Toys and equipment are cleaned and well maintained, with all staff having the knowledge and time to maintain equipment properly.
Staff attend half termly meetings to plan activities and discuss problems in confidence.

We organize visitors to the playroom and have trips out and about to further enhance the curriculum on offer.

Parents are invited to become involved in the running of our Pre-school by joining our parent led, volunteer management committee.

OFSTED inspected setting
High Adult/Child Ratio
Run by Parents Committee
Outdoor play area
Small group guaranteed
Learning through play

We also offer a lunch club every day. Bring a healthy packed lunch with you and stay an extra 30 minutes.


Brewery Arts Centre, Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4HE
Call 07933424309 (day)  brewerykids@gmail.com

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